"Soft Modern" Trends To Drive Home Design in 2014

    Modern details mixed with reclaimed furniture and warm colors prevail as top home trend 

    BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cool, soft colors, open spaces with natural lighting and modern, angular details are the top home design trends of 2014, according to newly released information by Pulte Homes, a national brand of homebuilder PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM).

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    "Many of the prevailing trends from 2013 will be seen in 2014, but with a softer and more modern edge," said Janice Jones, vice president of merchandising for PulteGroup, Inc. "We'll still see soothing colors, bold accent pieces and open layouts, but 2014 is about mixing and matching a warm, comfortable environment with modern finishes and angular details."

    Jones, along with her 20-person design team, uses direct merchandising experience and expertise to implement the latest trends when designing interiors for nearly one million square feet of model homes on an annual basis. Gleaned through experience in space planning, as well as consumer focus groups and surveys, Pulte Homes has identified the following home design trends for 2014.

    Open layouts and natural light

    The Company's consumer research also reinforces that buyers continue to prefer open layouts. The kitchen continues to serve as the home's "hub" while the rest of the home freely flows off the kitchen. There's also a growing trend toward large windows and the use of natural light. Traditional hanging decorative light fixtures are being replaced with simple can lighting and under counter lighting and spotlights, which offer more flexibility for furniture placement and room design.

    Shades of grey

    Color continues to be a driving force in shaping the mood of a home. While blues are shifting to lighter, brighter hues to create relaxation and serenity, it's really grey that's providing the broadest spectrum of opportunity.

    Grey tones continue to have a multi-dimensional affect as they range from cool shades to warmer, heather tones. Paint and highly textured woven wall coverings in light grey, illuminated with blue tones, are a growing trend. These shades create a calming effect on the senses and are complimentary with the increase use of purples and plums. Grey cabinets, wood flooring, and hard surfaces continue to grow in popularity, too.

    Mix and match

    Mixing reclaimed furniture and natural wood tones with high-gloss, bright white accent pieces offer a rustic, yet contemporary look and feel. The introduction of natural textiles, such as linens and cottons, keeps with the trend while creating a fresh, organic look to the room.

    "The contrast of whites mixed with rustic wood furniture creates an aesthetically pleasing affect," commented Jones. "An easy way to accomplish this is to pair a modern white sofa or slipcover with accent tables made from reclaimed barn wood, box cars or even driftwood."

    Squaring off the details

    Muted colors, wood furniture and organic textiles create a soft, vintage appeal, but Pulte Homes is also seeing a trend toward strong, angular details to add a modern flair. For example, countertop edges are now squared off and simple, while angular trims are replacing ornate crown moldings. Rectangular flooring and wall tiles of varying sizes are becoming more popular. Fireplaces, too, need to fit in with the modern surroundings. They're becoming more linear and less ornate to match the growing trend toward angularity.

    "PulteGroup is constantly evaluating what features and amenities matter most to consumers. Regardless of the latest trends, it's important a home delivers what people most value," said Jones. "Trends can come and go, but homeowners most want a comfortable, livable and life-tested home that fits their lifestyle."

    To keep consumers up-to-date on the latest home design trends, the Pulte Homes design team also launched @PulteDesign. Follow the 20-member design team at

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