Pulte Zero Net Energy Partners

Pulte is building a zero net energy home prototype in Northern California and is collaborating with a variety of valued partners. From the time the California Public Utilities Commission adopted the goal for all residential construction in the state to achieve zero net energy by 2020, Pulte began discussions with its trade partners to prepare for the transition.

Pulte will work collaboratively to identify improvements and enhancements in energy efficiency that can be applied to future Pulte ZNE prototypes and new homes that will ultimately be offered to homebuyers. The Company is already discussing plans for a second ZNE Prototype.

The Pulte team walks through the ZNE home
with trade partners

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
With the state of California in the forefront of energy efficiency initiatives, Pulte is participating in PG&E’s Zero Net Energy Production Builder Demonstration in support of the state’s long term energy goals.
Through this program, PG&E collaborates with builders to provide design consultation and energy performance monitoring for the development of ZNE homes. Once construction is complete and a homebuyer purchases the home, PG&E will track the ongoing energy performance of the home for a year to evaluate overall energy performance and consumption to determine that the home is performing as designed.
Pulte is collaborating with SolarCity, the nation’s leading solar power provider, which has installed a 4.34 kilowatt solar power system that will supply affordable solar power to the home. SolarCity is providing everything in the solar process from financing and installation to maintenance, and will monitor the system 24/7.

Owens Corning
As a leading global producer of residential building materials, Owens Corning delivers home comfort and a high standard of living for today’s homeowners through market-leading building science expertise. The Owens Corning® ProPink® High Performance Conditioned Attic system in the prototype is the smart way to optimize home comfort, durability and value per square foot.  The system air seals and insulates the attic space for maximum efficiency, creating a buffer zone between the roofline and livable space of the home, resulting in lower monthly heating and cooling bills*, improved home comfort and a higher standard of living for homeowners. (*Savings vary.)

AT&T is committed to creating a better, more connected future by using the power of our technology to deliver energy-saving customer solutions and increase the efficiency of our own network.  That's why we are excited to collaborate with Pulte in its pilot to develop homes with maximum energy efficiency by providing complimentary high-speed internet services at their new Zero Net Energy prototype.   Learn more about our commitment to sustainability at 

Other partners involved in this innovative pilot program include: Alameda Electrical Distributors); AT&TA Better Blind (Somfy Systems, Inc.); BIRAenergy (modeling and technical analysis);  Blue Mountain Construction Services (HVAC); BMC West (framing); Budget Electric; BZ Plumbing; California Living & Energy (HERS rater); Davis Energy Group (energy consulting/monitoring) Lennox (HVAC equipment); Leviton Manufacturing Co. (electrical systems); OJ Insulation (Installed Building Products); Owens Corning (insulation products); Resource Refocus LLC (ZNE consulting); Rinnai (tankless water heater); Seagull Lighting (Zurier); Site Sage; SolarCity; Whirlpool (Energy Star appliances); and more.

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