Pulte Homes Offers Home Staging Tips to Prospective Sellers

One of the Nation’s Leading Homebuilder Reveals Steps to Increasing Homes’ Appeal

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – April 24, 2012 – With the onset of spring comes the peak time of year for buying and selling property in the real estate industry. For sellers, ‘staging’ is a successful tactic often used to increase the appeal of their home to prospective buyers. While curb appeal, clutter removal and a thorough cleaning are all standard practices, a few extra steps can dramatically improve a buyer’s take on a home.

“One of the most important points for homeowners looking to sell is to understand the type of person who will likely buy their house,” said Janice Jones, national vice president of merchandising at Pulte Homes. “Singles, young families and empty nesters all have different needs, wants and tastes. Understanding the buyer’s hot buttons will help homeowners determine whether they should change any current spaces to create a better match with the lifestyle of the most likely buyer.”

To increase the likelihood of a sale, Pulte Homes offers the following tips to create an up-to-date fresh look and help set a home apart from the competition.

Use Color
Adding the right punch of color to accent walls or trim can create depth, enhance kitchen cabinets or bring a boring bathroom to life. There are endless ways to add color to a home, and novice designers should draw inspiration from everywhere — home furnishing stores, children’s favorite toys or even the local sports team. Complementing colors can also be found in accessories, such as throw pillows, coffee table books and decorative canisters. The key is to experiment and not be afraid to add extras, such as exciting wall art, playful chairs or an area rug. Neutral colors in flooring materials, upholstery pieces and window dressing work well to enhance brighter accents.

Less Can Be More
Sellers need to take care not to clutter spaces and should aim to keep rooms inviting, comfortable and memorable. This requires appropriate sized furnishings that maximize seating space without crowding. By doing so, sellers make living spaces appear much larger and livable, both of which are desirable attributes by today’s homebuyer.

Focus on the Home
Homeowners achieve better results by displaying only their most important collectible treasures in a bookcase, see-through furniture cabinet or open shelving. The focus should be on the home, not the current homeowner’s knick-knacks.

Know the Latest Trends
Design trends have been moving toward simple, clean lines, an organic approach and a more relaxed look overall. Flat screen TVs, laptop computers and other technology have changed the need for heavy, deep pieces.

Even Small Changes Reap Rewards
A small decorating project can make a significant difference. Interior design, whether a top-to-bottom makeover or simply a room refresh, gives sellers an ideal opportunity to make a strong first impression.

About Pulte Homes
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