Pokemon Go Craze Hits PulteGroup Communities

Sales Counselors "Catch Visitors" in Pulte Model Homes
Resident Activites Center Around Popular Game
ATLANTA – August 3, 2016 - Wigglytuff – Bulbasaur – Poliway – Bellsprout. Nope, these are not new model home names, but an example of some of the recent visitors making their way to PulteGroup new home communities across the nation.

The Pokémon Go craze has made its way to Pulte neighborhoods, with monsters of all kinds showing up where you least expect them. Homeowners, homebuyers and company employees alike have joined the millions who have downloaded the popular app since its recent launch.

“Right before we opened the sales center this morning I caught a couple,” says Alison Stinnett, sales counselor at Pin Oak Enclave by Pulte Homes near Houston. Stinnett posted photos of the creatures she caught with captions for her coworkers to enjoy.

This guy is most definitely interested in the Stonewood.  When you’re that big and mean, you need the extra room.  And those jaws - you definitely need a spacious kitchen to cook that much food!

This guy totally here to buy an Ashbrook model. With two heads and feet like that; Let’s avoid stairs! 


The Pokémon Go app, a location-based augmented reality game that enables you to catch virtual Pokémon monsters at places like landmarks and businesses, has captivated mobile users of all ages worldwide, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Residents at Pulte communities have also been active users, says Christine Reeder, lifestyle director at Anthem Parkside at Merrill Ranch, a large Pulte community that features amenities like a 43,000-square-foot recreation center, huge water park, ballfields and more. Reeder says she is planning resident activities that will center around the popular game.

“People are walking outside looking at their phones and playing the game. And it’s not just the kids - many adults are playing too,” Reeder says. “Many residents are carpooling to locations like the zoo and other popular areas. The game definitely brings people outdoors, which is significant when it’s 110 degrees!”


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