Modern, Avant-Garde Bohemian Style and Bold Pops of Green Are Some of PulteGroup’s Top Interior Design Trends in 2017

Pulte Homes' Vistara Community in Las Vegas, showcasing 2017 interior trends:
an avant-garde style with mettallics and welcoming the exterior IN.

ATLANTA – January 00, 2017 – Looking for home interior and color inspiration in 2017? The interior design team at PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE:PHM) is sharing the top interior design trends in the new year.

“Clean and simple soft modern elements continue to shine in 2017,” says Angela Nuessle, director of PulteGroup’s Interior Design Team.  “We are seeing more uses of metallic, whether it's home finishes like lighting fixtures or tile or wallpaper and bedding, subtle metallic elements are going to be prevalent in 2017. Green will also become a strong accent color in 2017, taking on various shades.”

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In merchandising more than 450 homes in 2016, Nuessle and the 18-person design team see the styles and trends that resonate with homebuyers. Combining research and trend data from furniture markets, trade shows and seminars, below are the biggest style drivers and color trends forecasted for 2017.

Style Drivers

Simply Modern – Simply modern incorporates interior styling and furniture detailing that is clean, understated and emphasizes austerity and less visual clutter. Very popular today is transitionally modern where there are more soft modern references mixed with subtle transitional flair allowing for true design freedom.
Olvera by Del Webb in Southern Califronia showcases the 2017 interior trend of modern features           and bringing the exterior in. 

Mainly Metallic – Metallics will be apparent in all aspects of home design. There is quite the breadth of style and application for metallics, including exterior roofing material, corrugated accent walls, multi-finished metallic light fixtures, cabinetry hardware and even soft goods found within the home.   
It's easy to incorporate metallics in home design. Pulte Homes' Skyline Estates in Las Vegas incorporates metallics by using light fixtures, tables, artwork, and even a metallic color for the drapes. 

Welcoming the Exterior IN – Extending the interior living spaces to more blended indoor/outdoor spaces with continuity in materials and surfaces is another trend in 2017. Reclaimed wood, natural stone, metal and foliage can all be consistently utilized in both the interior and exterior of the home. Think outside the box and add decorative accent walls to your exterior space as well. Corrugated metal, exterior rated wood and even living garden walls are all ways to add visual interest to the exterior. 

Desert Willow in Tucson extends the living space outside.

Avant-Garde/Bohemian Inspired – Although considered experimental and eclectic, this style of design uses layered neutrals and textures mixed with bold pops of color and adornments. Regardless of your feminine or masculine design style this look blends it all into a cutting edge yet casually comfortable look.  
Onyx Row Community in San Jose 
Color Trends

Think Green
– Green will become a strong accent color, taking on various shades. Emerald, citron, mint and even khaki will be safe and stable color accents for any room in your home. Make a bold statement with a citron velvet sofa or go subtle with a mint cozy throw blanket. Either way, think green in 2017. 

The New Neutrals – Adaptable, warm and complex, neutrals will remain heavily grounded in the gray family, spanning from a light and warm heather gray to cold and dark graphite. As important as the gray trend's staying power is the addition of warmer neutrals found in the taupe family. Layer all of these neutral colors for a subtle, inviting feel in any space. 

Olvera by Del Webb incorporates grays and taupe in this luxurious owner's suite.

Citrus Pops – Citron, yellow and orange will be strong bold color accents for interiors. Think subtle color statements with these hues, small accent pillows, floral bouquets and home accessories are the perfect items to add to your home within this color story. 
The Hemingway Home Design is featuring citrus pops.

Black & White – If you’re interested in high impact, high drama and high contrast, black and white is the perfect combination to achieve your décor dreams. Bold and nimble, this pallet can stand alone or be combined with various accent colors for a softer, warmer look.

Black and white dominate the kitchen and gathering space at Skyline Estates in Las Vegas.
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