January 27 Update on Rivermist Community in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, January 27, 2010 — In anticipation of expected rain in the area, Thursday, January, 28, 2010, Centex, after consulting with independent engineers, has taken the following steps to mitigate the risk of additional soil movement or erosion in the event of heavy rains on exposed areas:

Measures taken to divert water away from homes, avoid further erosion to the wall and ensure proper drainage on the site

  • Plastic skirting against the homes reinforced with plywood to avoid shifting.
  • Dirt has been removed from the top of the affected area to limit additional movement.
  • Most affected homes (three) have been piered to add structural support to the foundations.
  • Grading directly behind the homes has been channeled to divert water out of the area as soon as is practical.
  • Existing stormwater drainage facilities have been examined via camera to ensure they are clear of blockage.
  • Erosion control is in place to control storm water run-off.
  • Interceptor drain cleared of debris to facilitate rapid run-off.

Centex will monitor the rain event with on-site personnel throughout the day and night.

The City of San Antonio is in agreement with measures taken by Centex in anticipation of the rain.

“We continue to assess the situation as rapidly as possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents,” said Laurin Darnell of Centex Homes. “ We expect to provide daily updates to both residents and the media until further notice.”

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