Getting Control of the Chaos in the Kitchen

The Pulte Planning Center is a Must Have for Back-to-School 

As many families can attest to… one’s home can often be a complete mess -- especially in the kitchen.

Kids doing homework on the kitchen counter, Lego blocks blanketing the dining table, and charging cables for iPhones and iPads bunched up near the microwave outlet leaves me with a very small amount of space to actually prep a meal.

For most families I know, the kitchen isn't limited to cooking and eating. It’s where kids solve math problems and mom browses Pinterest on her iPad. It's the heartbeat of a home: a dining area, study, and entertainment room all in one.
No wonder clutter immediately follows.
With the school season starting soon – and for some it’s already started – getting control of the chaos is a high priority.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a Pulte home, the Pulte Planning Center may be the greatest home feature.
While talking with consumers, Pulte kept hearing families complain about chaos in their kitchens. The solution: the Pulte Planning Center. The key design is that it's close to the kitchen and great room where most of the family gathers so we can all be together and I can observe homework and the kids' internet activity all while getting dinner ready. Most importantly, I don't have to see the day-to-day clutter.

If you're having trouble imagining what this amazing space looks like, take a look at a few of our Planning Centers across the country.


PulteGroup’s Interiors Design Team also has helpful ideas you can implement today to create a dedicated homework space for your kids.

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