Centex Presents Comprehensive Action Plan for Residents at the Hills of Rivermist

Plans include: house inspections, long-term housing options and city wide retaining wall inspections

San Antonio, Texas, February 4, 2010 — Centex leaders met with City of San Antonio officials this week to provide and review a third-party engineer’s immediate response program and a long-term solution for managing the slope and retaining wall issues at the community.

During its meeting with City officials, Centex shared a comprehensive solutions plan, which includes addressing the following areas:

  • Action Plans to address soil movement
  • Continued homeowner safety and comfort
  • Implementation of retention wall inspection program
Engineer Provides Action Plan and Timeline

Centex has retained Terracon, an independent, national engineering firm to evaluate what happened at the Hills of Rivermist and design corrective measures for the community. Additionally, the engineering firm is determining if the slope and retaining wall alignment was correctly designed and constructed. After the investigative and evaluation process, Terracon will present to the City an appropriate action plan for the future of the community. This entire process is expected to take 4-6 weeks. Terracon was not involved in the project development prior to this event.

Initial findings by Terracon investigating the soil movement on the hillside in the community continue to point to a significant soil shift on the slope.

“Centex remains committed to working with the City and third-party experts to identify the root cause of the event, develop solutions, and execute upon the independent engineer’s recommendation to ensure homeowners can return to their homes as soon as possible,” said Laurin Darnell of Centex Homes.

Centex to Provide Home Inspections, Long-term Housing Options

Centex will offer home inspections through an independent third-party engineering firm for all homeowners in the Hills of Rivermist community who were temporarily evacuated on Sunday, January 24, 2010.

As part of the program, independent licensed engineers and surveyors will investigate homes (those that were originally evacuated, and have certificates of occupancy), collecting information and data to ensure that their homes continue to be structurally sound, as a result of the incident on January 24, 2010, and the foundation remains stable and secure. Homeowners who elect to have their residence inspected will be provided with a written report from the engineering firm. Any discrepancies noted in the engineers report will be followed up by a Centex warranty representative.

Additionally, Centex continues to meet with the 27 residents who currently have their certification of occupancy suspended by the City, to review personalized action plans to secure more comfortable, long-term housing options, including, but not limited to apartments and extended stay hotels.

“Centex is focused on making sure our residents feel comfortable whether they are currently living in their homes or not,” said Darnell. “The actions we are implementing are in direct response to homeowner feedback to ensure they continue to feel safe in their home and within the neighborhood.”

Centex to Inspect all of its Retaining Walls in San Antonio

Centex is instituting a city-wide retention wall inspection program. All neighborhoods that the City does not inspect in San Antonio and have a retaining wall over 4 ft. tall will be inspected by a third-party, certified engineer. The program is targeted to be launched over the next 30-90 days.

“The company has not identified or received reports indicating any retaining walls in our other San Antonio communities have experienced the significant soil movement that resulted in damage to the retaining wall at the Hills at Rivermist, but we recognize that homeowners may have concerns. These independent inspections will provide homeowners with peace of mind that the retaining walls in their neighborhood continue to perform as engineered,” added Darnell.

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