Active Duty Prepared PulteGroup Market Analyst for Current Job

Salute to Service: In Honor of Military Appreciation Month
CHARLESTON, South Carolina - May 2016 - After six years of active duty service in the Navy, Lauren Ronan joined the PulteGroup team in Charleston – transitioning from the high seas, to a career as a market intelligence analyst for the homebuilder. She says her military experience has prepared her to be organized, and to be willing to “go with the flow.”
“I try to always have a plan as to how I will prioritize my responsibilities and execute numerous tasks, but I’m ready to adapt if the plan doesn’t work out,” Ronan says. “Like they say in the military, “No plan

Lauren Ronan's graduation from the Naval Academy

survives first contact with the enemy.”
A graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Ronan went on to hold numerous offices and positions, with two deployments to the Middle East in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Aden. She says her military education and training also helped her focus on PulteGroup’s mission and priorities. 
“The military teaches you to be mission-oriented, so if the Company’s priorities and needs change, then so do mine - and I don’t mind asking how I can help,” Ronan says.
During her military career, Ronan took on many roles including a surface warfare officer, division officer onboard the USS Rushmore, assistant operations officer with the Command Amphibious Squadron Six, and an assistant project manager at the Defense Information Systems Agency.  Since returning from her second deployment in 2015, Ronan continues to stay busy.  She says she enjoys taking time to watch her favorite sporting events, read, golf, watch “all the shows I got hooked on during deployments,” and fulfilling a goal to learn how to play the guitar.
“On a more personal level, the military has taught me to appreciate the time I have with family and friends, relate to all types of people with varying backgrounds, and also to honor tradition,” Ronan says.
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